Below is photo of the seal colorpoint male kitten available for reservation. He was born on August 5th from Cinderella and Merlin and is large, healthy, sweet baby-boy. he is priced at $1000. This is the only kitten we have available at this moment.

At the moment, we are accepting deposits for the rights to reserve a particular gender, pattern and color . 

The reservation deposit  for a pet quality kitten is $300 and could be submitted by mail or in person, in the form of personal check or money order. Each kitten is evaluated and priced individually, but an average price of pet quality kitten is $900 including deposit.
The Waiting List reservations are based on the order in which deposits are received. If the buyer's requested kitten is not present in the current litter, the deposits are transferable to the next litter for up to 1 year.     

By the end of this year we will have a few adult cats available for adoption. These are going to be our 2-4 years old spayed females. All are purebred ragdolls with the pedigree and registration. They will be up to date with their vaccinations and fully healed from the spay surgery. This is great opportunity for the people who would like to own a ragdoll, but can not afford a kitten or don't want to deal with the extra energy of a playful, young kitten. Please, contact us for more information.

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It is so much fun to own a ragdoll kitten!

   ​Here are some activities performed by our 6 weeks old kittens Remy and Ronnie 

We have kittens available!

                                     A new litter of kittens was born at the end of July of 2018 . 

                             These kittens will be ready to go to their new homes by the end of October .

         The colors and patters of the newborn kittens are seal bicolor, blue lynx bicolor and seal colorpoint .              Some of these kittens will  be allowed to go home without spay/neuter, but with a signed contract.