​     So, what is new going on in the RagdollKingdom?

​It has been decided - we are adding the lynx factor!   Meet our future king of the hill - Braveheart

​He is still a baby and we can hardly wait to welcome him in to our big family. He is coming to us from the SunnyShores cattery.

     These are Artur's Awards and a photo of his proud papa holding our Grand Champion!

October 2015 Update: Artur has earned the title of TICA Double Grand Champion!  We are looking forward to see his beautiful babies sometimes by the end of this year.

     So, here is our TICA Double Grand Champion of 2015 Artur!

We plan to show Artur in a couple of more shows before the end of this year. Hopefully, he will earn the title of triple. Please, wish us luck!

     Below is a short video from Artur's first TICA Cat Show.  Only 5 days before the show Artur turned 8 month old , so he was competing in the Adults category against some seasoned, mature competitors. The AllBreed judge Stephanie Smith awarded Arthur "The 9th Best AllBreed Cat". He was also awarded "The 2nd Best Longhair Cat" and "The 3rd Best Longhair Cat" by other judges. 

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      On the January 24-25 of 2015, Merlin participated in his first cat show, which was held by TICA in our home-town Jacksonville.  We really enjoyed being there, meeting  lots of awesome ragdoll breeders and their amazing cats. 

​     Here is our new addition - Prince Artur!

This is Rags2Riches Artur of RagdollKingdom, our future Blue-Bicolor king. The photos of his mother Lori and father Supersonic Sammy may be viewed at Rags2Riches cattery's webside. In the photos below he was 4 months old and everybody in our household treated him like a baby. 

     We are grateful to Nicole Baca, the owner of AllStarRags cattery. and Scottie Cone, the owner of Rags2Riches cattery, for recommending Merlin to us as a breeder. He proved his exceptional bloodlines by fathering several litters of gorgeous babies.

​Here are some photos of Merlin as a kitten and growing into a young adult. He still likes to be babied, loves his belly rubs, and daily brushings.

If I get busy with other things and don't give him his dose of personal attention - he will follow me around and remind with a sweet, heart melting "Meow". 

At present time, he is developing his full color and has the cutest white blaze, like a little star coming through in the middle of his forehead. 

 ​  This is our the one and only - AllstarRags Merlin!