Here are Lady Pandora Myth and Tootsie Bon-Bon. ​They are sisters and are daughters of Guivenere and Merlin.  Both are sweet and loving girls, very caring for each other - they share everything.

Sometimes we dress-up and have a little party!

     Meet our honey Ewa - she is our youngest queen and her full name is CajunRagdolls Ewa of RagdollKingdom. If there was more space allowed for a name - she would have been named "Christmas Gift" because she really was our Christmas gift. We are forever grateful to her breeder Anne Paule, the owner of CajunRagdolls cattery for trusting us to have this awesome kitty! Ewa's robust body type and unique personality are absolute assets to our breeding program and we are so looking forward to have her first kittens sometimes in the fall of 2016.

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      In the photo above is our Blue Point Mitted queen Desdemona.​ If cats really do live 9 lives, then in her previous life, Desi must have been an opera singer. She expresses her happiness by serenading us with her warm and tender songs

     Here is our Seal Bi-color queen Guivenere. She is a sweetheart and loves to purr.

At the end of July 2015 she gave birth to a litter of 4 gorgeous kittens. She proved to be a good mom, extremely caring and devoted to her babies.

     In the photo above our proud papa Merlin is spending some quality time with his kittens. He is around the kittens since birth and although he doesn't take care of them as much as mommy, he does provides some supervision allowing  

mommy to take a well-deserved break.

      Our cats are our family members and have never been caged. They are "inside only "cats, and are provided with lots of toys to play with and cat trees to climb upon. They love to look out of the windows, watching for lizards and birds. They also love trying to catch the occasional golf ball rolling across the TV screen in our living room . The queens and kittens are free to stay and play in any room of the house, except the boys' rooms - each of our kings, Merlin and Artur, has his own room.

      All our cats are up to date with vaccinations and has been tested negative for the HCM by the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab. We maintain a closed cattery and no other pets are allowed into our household. Visitors are welcome, but by appointments only.

      Our kittens are lovely, intelligent and well socialized.  We train our kittens to use a scratching post and litter box as early as possible.